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Бизнес Обсуждение


1. Minimum load price is $150. 

2. Shipment overstay will cause an additional fee of $100 for each week of overstay if not due to our fault.

3. Each item is insured for $100. If you want to insure any item for more than $100, you have to estimate this item and pay 10% of the estimated value (the value should not exceed the true market value of the item). If your shipment contains fragile items, you must show the driver how they are packed otherwise we will not be held responsible. If any of your items is damaged while being shipped, you must report it no later than 48 hours after delivery, after this time we will not be held responsible.

4. We pick up and deliver door to door at ground level. The service of movers to carry items out from or into the apartment are paid separately. If you need the service of movers, you have to add this service to your invoice in the checkout section of your order.

5. For oversized loads that cannot be lifted by one person and for any item heavier than 70lb, you must ensure a helper for loading and unloading from your side at both pickup and delivery addresses. 

6. All items must be packed. We are not responsible for unpackaged items or items with packaging that does not match their weight. If packing assistance is needed, this service must be ordered separately. See the checkout section of your order.

7. We cannot transport cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, weapons and plants. 

8. Pick up/delivery within Brooklyn is free of charge. Pick up/delivery within New York City is $100. Pick up/delivery more than 20 ml from Brooklyn is $150 + tolls. The cost of pick up/delivery outside of our circle are determined on an individual basis.

9. We go from New York to Florida every Monday (with a rare exception). We pick up loads in New York from Thursday to Saturday and deliver them to Florida on Tuesday and Wednesday. On the way back we pick up loads from Florida on Tuesday and Wednesday and deliver them to New York from Thursday to Saturday. In case your load has not been shipped from New York on Monday following the pick up day, it will be shipped the next Monday (that is in one week). For all the other states and cities the ETA will be determined separately depending on the progress along the route. Once your order is confirmed and included into the following week’s shipment, you can follow the car with your items on our virtual map.

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